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Volunteers Needed

There are many opportunities to volunteer within the Romona PTA.  Whether you have one hour once a year or a little more time to spare, your children and the community will benefit!  

To sign up for Cafeteria please click on the icon to the left.  Sometimes we have parents who unfortunately need to cancel at the last minute and we need replacements.  If you would like to put your name on the back up list, please click here.

Volunteer while your child's class is in the library. Class schedule posted on sign up. 

W.E.L.L. Garden
This is a great opportunity to see your child in our Outdoor Classroom during lunch time.  No need to get your hands dirty!  Just show up and enjoy the sunshine.

Fall Book Fair

The Fall Scholastic Book Fair is on November 15-17.

The Sign Up link has the classroom timeslots
when they will be attending the fair.

Volunteers needed for the book fair.  No experience needed! 
Your child's classroom will be visiting the fair during school hours.  Please ask the teacher when the visit will occur.  It's a great way to see your child's excitement at the fair!

Room Parents
Put your name on a list to be selected for Room Parent.  Duties include relaying messages from the PTA, organizing parties, getting pictures for the yearbook.

This link will be available as soon as we have the teacher list!
Rockin' Romona & Family Fun Run

Sign up to lend a hand at our annual free event.
Waste-Free Wednesdays
Volunteer to help with the raffle. Volunteer opportunities available soon.
International Festival        
Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Stay tuned for this sign up to go live!

Sign up to help organize T & S App. week to help show support to all the staff at Romona.
SAC Student Store

Volunteer to help with the student store on Fridays during lunch
Click here to volunteer.
Family-to-Family is a committee that assists those in the Romona School
community who have found themselves suddenly in need.  This could be a need generated by a joyful occasion (a new family member moving in, the birth or adoption of a child) or, as inevitably happens at some point in all our lives, an event that is sad and unexpected (an illness of a child or parent, death of a family member).  We consider ourselves ambassadors from Romona who can offer support when and where it is most needed.  We are a group of volunteers that provides meals, rides, errands, baked goods, etc.  Volunteers commit as they are able.
Whether you know of a Romona family in your child's classroom that is in
need of some assistance or you are interested in volunteering to help other families with meals or rides, etc.

Click here for more information.
Mustang Activity Day
Want to see your kiddos in action? Sign up to volunteer for
Mustang Activity Day!
No experience or equipment necessary!