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What is Jr. Great Books?

Established in 1947 at the University of Chicago, the Junior Great Books program encourages the reading and discussion of classic and modern literature by children. Its original intent of exposing all students to the liberal arts has now spread worldwide. Through the “Shared Inquiry” method, students have the opportunity to read an interesting story, think about what it means, and then discuss it with other students their own age. An activity pertaining to the story follows the discussion, usually a craft or a game. 

What kinds of stories do the children read?

The stories are selected by the Great Books Foundation, and published for each grade level in paperback textbooks. The stories are multicultural folktales and short stories from around the world. Please note that the Junior Great Books program is appropriate for all reading levels - from novice to advanced. The reading level (vocabulary and content) does tend to be slightly higher than grade level, so parents are encouraged to read the stories with their children.  Also, students are expected to read the selection prior to their meeting time. For more information about the Great Books Foundation, please visit their website at

When and where are the discussions held?

The Junior Great Books discussion meetings will be held on a weekly basis during the lunch/recess period. Sessions last six weeks. There are two sessions per year: Fall and Winter.

Who can attend?

Junior Great Books will be offered to all students in grades 1-4 at Romona. There is one section per grade, with a limit of 10 kids per section. JGB is a fun enrichment program for children who enjoy reading. It may not be enjoyable for reluctant readers, so please keep this in mind when determining enrollment for your child.

What does the enrollment fee cover?

The enrollment fees includes use of the textbook and all class materials and instruction. The Romona PTA has generously helped underwrite this program to keep its cost to you low.
 The fee also covers the final class pizza lunch.

Who leads the discussion groups?

Romona's very own teachers, who have received instruction in the Shared Inquiry Method of Discussion, will lead the discussion groups.

What is Shared Inquiry?

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Where is the Scientific Evidence?

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