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IGNITE (previously known as Pride Pledge) funds are dedicated to bringing our students exciting, multi-sensory experiences that accelerate a passion and depth of learning. Our core focus is to:

  • Enhance curriculum-based learning.
  • Build skills that drive characteristics of successful learners.
  • Promote social and emotional awareness.

Your donations to the Romona PTA IGNITE fund are the primary sources of revenue to provide these opportunities to our children.

These programs are previously known as Pride Pledge.

We pick up where the district leaves off.


Thank you to everyone who has already donated to iGNITE this year.

Your PTA Dollars at Work

We spent $20,000 on field trips, author visits, hands-on classroom presentations, a new auditorium screen, etc.

We gifted the school $6000 worth of technology such as a new 3-D printer and MakerBot technoclogy that will to go towards the new Learning Commons space.

We also supported community building experiences such as Rockin' Romona, Open Gym Nights and Open Tech Nights.

We gave thanks to our teachers and staff and provided them with a first day lunch and supplied food and small tokens of appreciation during Staff App. Week.

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