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Family to Family
Families helping families in a time of need...

Mission Statement:

The Family to Family Committee assists those in the Romona School community who have found themselves suddenly in need of support.  Needs arise due to joyful occasions (a birth, adoption, new family member moving in) or, as inevitably happens at some point in all our lives, a sad and unexpected circumstance (an illness of child or parent, death of a family member).  We consider ourselves ambassadors from Romona who can offer support when and where it is most needed.

We are a group of volunteers that provides coordinated services to support the family during their time of need.  Services include but are not limited to:  providing dinners, arranging rides and pick‐up for children at school, arranging playdates, running errands, providing baked goods and a note of sympathy, support or congratulation, welcome baskets to new families that arrive mid‐year.


The purpose of the Family to Family Committee is to provide and coordinate services for families during their time of need.  The Family to Family Committee has a budget of $200 to use in cases where there is a gap in volunteer services.  (For example, pay for kiddie cab in situations where volunteers cannot provide pick‐up services for a child after school).  Such expenses need prior approval from the Romona PTA Board.  To ensure fairness to all families, Family to Family does not solicit or handle financial donations on behalf of a family in need.  Should a parent or group of parents want to raise funds, they are permitted to do so without the assistance of the PTA.