Romona PTA

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2016-2017 PTA Board & Committee Chairs
President Executive Board Amy Giannico-Schuster
eBlast Communication President Amy Giannico-Schuster
Website Maintenance Webmaster Amy Giannico-Schuster
President-Elect Executive Board Jackie Singer
Publicity: Website Maintenance President-Elect Amy Giannico-Schuster
Publicity: Romona Review President-Elect Amy Giannico-Schuster
Publicity: Bulletin Board President-Elect Amy Giannico-Schuster
Publicity: Community PR President-Elect Amy Giannico-Schuster
Nominating Committee Elected in January
Secretary Executive Board Shannon Bonanza
Assistant Secretary Executive Board
District Calendar Secretary Shannon Bonanza
Last Day Lunch Secretary w/Pres.
Treasurer Executive Board Karen Pfleiderer
Assistant Treasurer Executive Board Betsy Weitzman
Budget Committee Elected in January TBD TBD TBD
Audit Committee Chair TBD TBD TBD
1st Vice President Dist. Comm. & Legislation Executive Board Susie  Spillane
1st Vice President Assistant Executive Board Sanaa Imad
District Communications
Civics & Safety Liaison Liaison Julie Hanahan
CRC Liaison Liaison Eric Reese
CRC Liaison Liason Allison Buonamici
District 39 Educational Foundation  Liaison
FAN (Family Awareness Network) Liaison Liaison  Susan Spillane
PASS 39  Liaison Ellen star Weiller
SAC Liaison Liaison Sandy Karwowski
SAC Liaison Liaison  Kristin Parker
By-laws Committee Advise Julie Howie
2nd VP Volunteer & Support (Romona Comm.) Executive Board Lisa Call
2nd VP Assistant Executive Board Sharon Gertz
Cafeteria Chair Betsy Weitzman
LMC Chair Diana Harr
Picture Day Chair  Betsy Weitzman
Volunteer Fair 2nd VP Lisa Call
Yearbook Co-Chair Sharon Gertz
Yearbook Co-Chair Eliza Fisher
Yearbook Co-Chair Jackie Singer
Family to Family Chair Susie

Room Parents: Grade Level Chairs EC - 4 Chair Shelly cell
Room Parents: Grade Level: EC Chair Stephanie Orzoff
4th Grade Farewell Party Chair Carla Dawson
4th Grade DVD Party Chair  Audriana Blair
Teacher Appreciation: 1st Day Staff Lunch Co-Chair Laura Resis
Teacher Appreciation: Spring TA Week Co-Chair Laura Resis
Welcoming Chair Amy Giannico-Schuster
Welcoming: AtoZ App Directory Chair  Amy Giannico-Schuster
3rd VP Enrichment (Classroom & Community) Executive Board Linnea Johnson
3rd VP Assistant Executive Board Tania Bouwman
In School/Classroom
Enrichment: Field Trips & Assemblies Chair  Linnea Johnson
Environmental Awareness: Red Dot, EA Weeks Chair Kathy Wereski
Service Learning: Sister School & Community Outreach Co-Chair Sara McSpedon
WELL Garden Co-Chair Niki Frazier
WELL Garden: Programming  Co-Chair OPEN
WELL Garden: Landscaping Chair  OPEN
Outside School/Community
Great America Read to Succeed Chair Raquel Klibanoff
Health & Fitness: Open Gym Chair OPEN
Health & Fitness: Girls on the Run (GOTR) Chair Julie Howie
Junior Great Books Co-Chair Julie Hanahan
Multicultural: Potluck, Intern. Fest, Ambassadors Co-Chair Vicki Parfitt
Multicultural: Potluck, Intern. Fest, Ambassadors Co-Chair Darryl  Newman
Multicultural: Potluck, Intern. Fest, Ambassadors Co-Chair Delmarie VanDerWesthuizen
Multicultural: Potluck, Intern. Fest, Ambassadors Co-Chair Paloma  Lonely
School Play Co-Chair OPEN
School Play Co-Chair OPEN
R Clubs: Lunchtime Co-Chair Julie Hanahan
R Clubs: Lunchtime Co-Chair Ilene Green
Rockin' Romona & Fun Run (Fall Music Festival)
Rockin Romona

Daughter Dance Co-Chair Brittany Gerster
Daughter Dance Co-Chair Sara Mervis
Daughter Dance Co-Chair Lauren Litchfield
Mother/Son Bowling Chair Julie Hextell Ryan
4th VP Fundraising (Ongoing & Events) Executive Board Nicky Hilbert
4th VP Assistant Executive Board Keren Green
Birthday Book Club Chair Sara Mervis
Business Revnue: writ- & Target Take Charge Chair Nicky Hilbert
IGNITE Fund Chair Alison Buonamici
Product Premiums: Box Tops Chair Tanya Henry
Romona Wear: Seasonal Flyers & Lands' End Chair Nicky Hilbert
School Supplies  Chair Lisa Call
Book Fair (Fall Event) Co-Chair Lisa Call
Book Fair (Fall Event) Co-Chair Sarah Sloane
Mom's Night Out Chair Nicky Hilbert
Dad's Day Out Chair Jeff Hilbert
Romona Gala (Adults-Only Benefit) Chair Keren Green
Romona Gala (Adults-Only Benefit) Chair
Romona Gala Silent Auction (Adults-Only Benefit) Chair OPEN
Sleep Under Chair Nina Friedman
Sleep Under Chair Natalie Racehelson
Teacherpalooza Chair Kristi Fischer